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Microwaveable Aroma Heat Pad


SKU: TN19-R001

WEIGHT: 800 grams

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Looking for fast relief when faced with aches and pains? Tanamera Aroma heat pad is a simple solution to relieve stomach discomfort, back pains and general lethargy. Tanamera’s Aroma heat pad is made with fire retardant material making it safe to be heated in the microwave. After three minutes, the Aroma heat pad is ready to be applied on the desired area and will leave a moist heat for at least 20 minutes.

Tanamera’s Aroma heat pad is filled with only the freshest blend of herbs to bring maximum relief to aches and pains. The Aroma heat pad comes attractively packaged in a hand woven cotton cover.

Take out the Aroma heat pad from the cotton cover and microwave for 3 minutes. Put the aroma heat pad back into the cotton cover and apply on desired area.
Reheat when it cools down. Wait for the pad to cool before storing it in a sealed plastic bag.