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Aroma Stone & 2 Essential oils

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Tanamera Hair Strengthening Series Set

HAIR STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO  Strengthen, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.  Improvement of scalp microcirculation  Dermis regeneration by cell metabolism activation.  Reduction of seborrhea related inflammation. HAIR STRENGTHENING CONDITIONER  Replenishes moisture; strengthens hair shafts and adds volume and shine.  Reduce hair loss or thinning, while repairing and soothing your scalp. HAIR STRENGTHENING SERUM  Reduce hair loss and stimulate growth of hair follicles  Produce stronger, thicker and fuller hair  Non oily aqueous formulation suitable for daily use
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Coconut Milk Foot Soak

Expiry date: May 2020
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Tanamera All Natural Hair Care

SCALP CLEANSER (SHAMPOO)  Remove excess oils without harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).  Helps protect against hair loss and promotes hair growth.  May be used daily for a softer and more manageable hair. SCALP & HAIR REVITALISER (CONDITIONER)  Restore deficiencies of the hair and scalp, a common cause of hair loss.  Effectively restores scalp environment following cleansing. HAIR TREATMENT CREAM  Nourish and rejuvenate the hair shaft, hair follicles and the scalp.
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