Limited Edition Valentine’s Special – Enchanting Essential Oils


Aromatherapy set, made exclusively for Valentine’s Day ❤
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Vaporization: Add a few (5-8) drops of essential oils to water in an oil burner.

Massage: Add 5 drops (1/4ml) to 10 ml of Tanamera Carrier oil

Put five to ten drops onto the stone surface to refresh the air. The essential oil quickly absorbs and the scent is released slowly at room temperature.

Unglazed pottery stone, Kashmiri Rose, Frankincense

Tanamera Aroma Stone is clean, safe and effective way of vapourising essential oils without the use of electricity or heat.

Tanamera Aroma Stone can be used in the car, in the handbag, in the office, in the bedroom and wardrobe, anywhere where one goes.

Tanamera Essential Oils are carefully selected to reflect the core values of Tanamera-100% natural and of the highest standard. Tanamera offers a full comprehensive range of essential oils to satiate the needs of every individual.

Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil:-

– Used topically, this anti-inflammatory oil is known to soothe inflamed skin by reducing the sensations of redness, swelling, and itching.
– It helps to disinfect and tighten the pores, thereby promoting the speedy healing of cuts, wounds, and scars.
– Used in aromatherapy, Frankincense works as an expectorant to clear the nasal passageway, promote the relief of congestion, and encourage easy breathing.
– It’s sweet, woody aroma is sedative and enhances mood by diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety while improving concentration and memory.

The benefit of Essential Oil Khasmiri Rose:-

• Improve those dealing with anxiety and depression.
• Rose is also commonly used in aromatherapy as an aphrodisiac.
• Rose Oil has been proven as an excellent treatment for acne-prone skin due to its antiseptic and astringent properties.
• Rose anti-inflammatory benefits will also help those that struggle with acne, inflammation and/or skin redness.
• Rose Oil visibly helps refine your skin’s texture, which aids in combating aging and dry skin.
• The therapeutic compounds present in the oil also help control many skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis.
• The antioxidants in Rose Oil will absorb deeply into the dermis layer of the skin, which is especially beneficial for mature skin.


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