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Facial preparations mixed directly from vast botanical heritage of the Asian region. Nothing fancy, just simple, natural and effective! Buy our bundle set and save more with special discount.

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Tanamera Skincare products are made with the best botanical ingredients that are proven to cleanse, firms, clarify, soothe, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear, well-hydrated skin. All our skin care products have excellent texture that is easily absorbed on your skin without leaving a sticky or oily feel.

Infused with Tanamera’s exotic signature blends of essential oils, standardized plant extracts and plant oils, Tanamera skin care products are naturally kind to your skin. All our skin care products are free from harmful and toxic chemicals, artificial fragrance and coloring. Even our preservatives are a breakthrough 100% natural vegetable complex! Years of research and development finally resulted in a skin care range that is mild and free of harsh chemicals that can cause contact dermatitis, cancer and nerve damage.


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