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Tanamera Hair Strengthening Series Set

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Tanamera Hair Strengthening Shampoo
- Wet hair and scalp
- Apply sufficient amount to scalp. Massage gently for a minute
- Wash thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water

Tanamera Hair Strengthening Conditioner
- Wash hair and scalp gently but thoroughly with Tanamera Strengthening Shampoo
- Pour sufficient amount of Tanamera Strengthening Conditioner on the palm. Mix with an equal amount of
water. Apply gently to the scalp and hair
- Leave to soak for 3-5 minutes. Rinse off completely

Hair Strengthening Serum
- Preferably after each cleansing, shake bottle before use
- Apply one spray to scalp areas, which require treatment. Gently massage in

Tanamera Hair Strengthening Shampoo

SKU: TN17-R004
WEIGHT: 175 grams

- This gentle natural shampoo nourishes your scalp and follicles with plant oils, essential oils and herbal extracts that strengthen hair.

Tanamera Hair Strengthening Conditioner

SKU: TN17-R005
WEIGHT: 175 grams

- Tanamera Hair Strengthening Conditioner is formulated with herbal extracts known to reduce hair fall or thinning, while repairing and soothing your scalp.

Tanamera Hair Strengthening Serum

SKU: TN17-R006
WEIGHT: 70 grams

- Tanamera Hair Strengthening Serum is a light but powerful formula to be used on the scalp to reduce hair fall and revitalise scalp.

Tanamera Hair Strengthening Shampoo
- Kapilarine, Kigelia Africana, Sage, Cinnamon, Ginko

Tanamera Hair Strengthening Conditioner
- Virgin Coconut Oil, Polygala Tenuifolia, Kapilarine, Kigelia Africana, Sage, Cinnamon, Ginko

Tanamera Hair Strengthening Serum
- Pea Peptide, Kigelia Africana, Sage, Cinnamon, Ginko, Rosemary Chamomile, Green Tea, Baikal Skullcap, Japanese Knotweed, Gotu Kola

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