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Tanamera Waterless Diffuser & Essential Oil (Glossy Black)

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It is very easy to use. Just follow the diagram to attach the 10ml essential oil
bottle and you are ready to enjoy the benefit of aromatherapy!
-Press the bottom button firmly with
your finger to eject the nozzle.
-Take out the nozzle & fasten the oil
bottle to the nozzle.
-Align nozzle to the white orifice inside
-Press the nozzle into the
corresponding slot of the diffuser,
till it is flush with the top cover.

This diffuser will diffuse the essential oils in 3 speed mist
1st speed: 15s atomization
2nd speed: 30s atomization
3rd speed: 60s atomization
There will be a 180s interval between each atomization.
The diffuser could work continuously for 2 hours before shutting off
automatically. If you want it to keep running, switch it on it manually after two

Tanamera waterless diffuser disperses
essential oils without the use of HEAT or
WATER. Instead, an atomizer creates super
fine particles of essential oils, which are
distributed using air. Because of this, you’ll
get nothing but pure essential oil aroma filling
the air around you.
To start using, simply charge the diffuser with
the supplied USB cable. Then, just push open
the button at the bottom to pop the top and
screw in your favourite essential oil bottle. A
simple charge with USB will last you for
hours, thus making the diffuser very mobile.
Perfect for travels or simply put it by your
bedside table to dispense your favourite
essential oil.
• Strong mist and low noise
• Lithium battery built in. 80 hours’ max time stand by.
• Adjustable speed of atomizing to suit different needs.
• Touch key, easy to use
• Built in pump to help break down essential oil more efficiently. Easier for
body to absorb.
• Small and portable, easy to carry.



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