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Try Tanamera Body, Face and Hair (1)

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Try Tanamera Body, Face and Hair (2)

Green Formulation Body Soap  Anti-septic.  Reduces body odor.  Skin toning.  Gentle skin exfoliation Black Formulation Facial Soap  Anti-acne.  Reduce oiliness.  Gentle facial scrub.  Facial mask Scalp Cleanser  Remove excess oils without harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).  Helps protect against hair loss and promotes hair growth.  May be used daily for a softer and more manageable hair.
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Tanamera Surface Sanitizer

Tanamera Surface sanitizer is a fast acting and safe sanitizing spray, powerful but at the same time safe and gentle even for baby skin. Our products are free from: ✓Artificial fragrance ✓Petrochemicals and mineral oils ✓Phthalates and Formaldehyde
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Tanamera Green Kisses Lip Balm

 100% natural vegetable jelly lip balm.  Forms non-occlusive films so that the skin’s permeability for water vapor is not negatively affected.  Non-greasy and non-tacky, giving a smooth feeling during application
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