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Tanamera Distilled Water Wudhu Spray (50ml)
Whether on the airplane or in a location where resources for ablution are not readily available, rest assured that the Tanamera Wudhu Spray filled with distilled water is the best and easiest way to cleanse before performing prayers. Packed specifically for ablution, use the spray with confidence that it meets the needful requirements for wudhu, so you can pray anytime and anywhere.

Tanamera Overall Cleanser For Face, Body and Hair (50g)
When you need to get ready quickly, this overall face, body and hair cleanser does the trick, cleansing your whole body at one go. Without harsh chemicals such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Aluminum Laureth Sulfate, the cleanser gently cleans with a formulation that is 100% plant based and includes ingredients such as green tea and gotu kola.

Tanamera Nourishing Cream (50g)
With days in an arid desert climate that can be drying, and cold nights with harsh winds, it’s important to constantly apply a nourishing cream to keep your skin well moisturised. Enriched with avocado butter and virgin coconut oil, this nourishing cream helps provide relief especially to your hands and heels.

Tanamera Surface Sanitiser (50ml)
When performing the Hajj or Umrah, protect against germs and fungal infections with this surface sanitiser that has been formulated with the powerful combination of tea tree extract, lavender essential oil and silver colloid, where tests have shown it to have a proven efficacy rate of 99.9% within seconds of usage.

Tanamera Green Kisses Lip Balm (12ml)
Protect against dryness, chapping and bleeds with the nourishing Tanamera Green Kisses lip balm. The jelly lip treatment is 100% natural vegetable based and easy to use at all times.

Tanamera Distilled Water Wudhu Spray (50ml)
With Bismillah, spray both of palms and rub them together. Start spraying your face and recite your Niat. Gently spread the water thoroughly using your wet palm. Spread the water from right ear to left ear and from forehead to chin. Spray your right arm from elbow to fingers. Gently spread the water thoroughly using your wet palm. Rub between the fingers. Repeat on left arm. Spray your forehead and gently spread the water thoroughly using your wet palm. Spray your right foot from ankle to toes. Gently spread the water thoroughly using your wet palm. Rub between the toes. Repeat on left foot

Tanamera Overall Cleanser For Face, Body and Hair (50g)
Pump overall cleanser on your hands and add water to wash any part of your body. Thiscleanser can be used to wash your hands, hair, body and mild enough to be used even for your face.

Tanamera Nourishing Cream (50g)
Pump Tanamera nourishing cream on your palm and apply on dry areas such as hands, elbows and heel.

Tanamera Surface Sanitiser (50ml)
Clean the surface from any physical contaminants as much as possible. Spray adequate amount on the surface while covering as much area as possible. Use regularly. Warning : For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

Tanamera Green Kisses Lip Balm (12ml)
Squeeze the tube to release the vegetable jelly and spread all over the lips anytime, anywhere


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