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Weekend Wellness Kits VS Spa Kit 5

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Our weekend wellness kit is a great way to pamper and relax yourself. Filled with an assortment of Tanamera products!

Himalayan rock salt scrub sachets 3 x 300 gram
Brown formulation soap 125 gram
Black formulation soap 60 gram
Herbal feminine wash 2 x 10 gram
Herbal massage oil 100 ml



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Heat Relief Eye Pillow

 Provides a non-intrusive solution to sinus, headaches and pressure.  Use it to relax, refresh and recuperate from life’s constant pressures.  Perfect for long cold winter days.
RM47.00 Add to cart

Herbal Face Compress

 Soften and open the pores to prepare for other product’s action.  Helps nourish, sooth, and revitalize the skin; and acts as a detoxifier.
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Tanamera Green Kisses Lip Balm

 100% natural vegetable jelly lip balm.  Forms non-occlusive films so that the skin’s permeability for water vapor is not negatively affected.  Non-greasy and non-tacky, giving a smooth feeling during application
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Microwaveable Herbal Compress

 Wrapped in a special fire retardant material so it can be safely heated in the microwave.  Relieves muscular aches and pain.  Improves blood circulation in the treated area.
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