In a land that embraces cultural diversity and flourishes in the strength of each ethnic composition comes a new concept of spa culture.

Malaysian Spa is a concept that is based on age-old beauty traditions of various cultures that have come, conquered and changed the face of the present Malaysia. These tried and tested beauty treatments have over the years been adapted to incorporate the flora and fauna of the surrounding rainforest.

Being one of the oldest rainforest in the world with over 8,000 herbal species of medicinal values, it is only normal that herbs with healing properties play an important role in Malaysian spa treatments.

Going into a Malaysian spa that practices traditional spa treatments, one will immediately notice the wonderful fragrance of herbs like serai (lemongrass), limau purut (kaffir lime), sireh (betel leaves) and pandanus as opposed to sweet smelling rose or lavender fragrance of the west.

The history of Malaysian beauty treatments can be traced back to nearly a thousand years and richly influenced by local Malays, Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Javanese and countless other races that have come and resided in Malaya then.

Traditional Malay beauty treatments are generally family secrets that are handed down from generation to generation and rarely shared for commercial gain. However, with younger generations showing less interest in the traditional beauty treatments, older generations are more willing to share less the art dies with the lack of practitioners.

So, what was once practiced behind closed doors by midwives, healers and wedding planners or more commonly known as "mak andam" are now revived and shared to keep the art of Malay beauty treatments from dying.

Tanamera sets out to revive this dying art by adopting traditional Malay treatments in their spa menu.

Combined with the use of Tanamera award wining natural range of spa products, clients will be infused with the healing touch and fragrances of a totally tropical journey.